East Midlands
Livestock, pets and horses

Pan Products Ltd Trading as Aid Arch Agri

The Horse Arc is a mobile field shelter for horses and other livestock. It does not have a permanent base and planning permission is generally not required. The beautiful arc shape allows rain and snow to roll off rather than collect and saturate the surface. The aerodynamics of the arc are far better than a square structure, allowing the wind to roll over the arc rather than hit a flat surface square on. This reduces the risk of wind damage in severe weather. The Arc has withstood up to 80mph winds without damage, so they are ideal for exposed areas. Horse Arcs have so many advantages over traditional field shelters. They are ideal for horses living out 24/7 and offer great value for money if you have multiple horses. As horses are flight animals, they are happier in spaces where they can exit quickly. Arcs allow horses to relax and play in and around the Arc together. The Arcs also allow fresh air to circulate and let in plenty of light.