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Livestock, pets and horses

Provita Eurotec Ltd

Provita is a privately owned biotechnology company engaged in the development, manufacturing and marketing of a wide range of natural animal health products to improve animal welfare and performance naturally throughout the world.   
With innovation and quality being core operating values of Provita, we are the only licensed GMP facility for the production of veterinary probiotic medicine in UK and Europe.  Our facilities are also registered to current EU feed legislations and as such, we uniquely produce both veterinary medicines and nutritional  products.
The Provita range of products fall into the following categories: 
Medicinal Probiotics
Hoof Care Products
Feed Probiotics
Feed Supplements
Colostrum Products
Air purifiers
Feed Additives and Mint Gels
Provita’s comprehensive range of products address the specific health and productivity needs of a range of species from birth onwards including:
·        Cattle
·        Sheep
·        Pigs
·        Poultry
·        Horses 
·        Small animals