South West


STAG-Tech is a containerised wind-turbine manufacturer focused on producing affordable clean electricity worldwide.

Many rural agricultural facilities are faced with an overpriced, unreliable or non-existent grid. To make continuous operation possible, many rely on expensive and polluting diesel generators as a primary energy source. Solar photovoltaics (PV) only produce while the sun is out and battery storage is costly.

If you’re looking for more low-cost distributed renewable electricity, STAG-Tech’s medium-scale wind turbines are the answer:

Low-Cost: Streamlined design and highly efficient, our turbines generate energy at only 5¢/kWh.
Easy Transport: Shipped in a 40ft container, we can reach all but the most remote regions of the world.
Rapid Installation: Using a tilt-up installation and 4-point tethering system, erect the turbine in minutes.
Smart Digitalisation: Manage your turbine’s performance anywhere in the world.

As, on average, the wind blows more during winter and at night, our solution is an ideal complementary generation solution to solar PV, giving you more electricity security, while displacing expensive/polluting battery and diesel.