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Company Info Terravesta is widely recognised as a global leader in the development and supply of miscanthus, a truly sustainable, renewable, perennial energy crop that is seeing rising demand both in the UK and internationally, as the biomass sector plays an increasingly critical part in the global directive to reduce carbon emissions.  Planted once, harvested annually and with an average lifespan of over 15 years, Miscanthus is a long term, low- carbon and low input biomass feedstock. With rapid growth and high biomass yield, miscanthus is being increasingly adopted as a core feedstock in power generation, 2G biorefining and as a substitute to wood fuels in consumer markets.  The key to a stable supply of biomass from a second-generation perennial crop, such as Miscanthus, is the establishment. Terravesta has developed several seeded and rhizome based Miscanthus hybrids, which outperform many existing commercial varieties. Such an approach allows Terravesta to select the most appropriate germplasm for the environment and land type to ensure long term performance.  Terravesta is actively engaged in commercial bioenergy projects across the UK, Europe and Africa.