South West

The Greener Greens Co

The Greener Greens Co is revolutionizing the supply of high-end microgreens and garnishes. The current supply chain is broken and provisioning high-end microgreens currently incur massive cost, quality, and environmental penalties due to a lack of local availability. Leading chefs in Europe either buy products from international growers through resellers or, have limited choice and availability from small local suppliers. When chefs choose international growers, the product has a short shelf-life and up to 5,000 associated food miles.

The solution? Connected modular vertical growing units strategically positioned to provide a hyper-local grow and supply service to superyachts, restaurants, and retailers. A purpose-built software will connect customers to our grow units where they can place orders, have products grown to order, and access live growing data so they can order exactly what they want, where, and when they need it. Colocation with customers means we can deliver products up to 30X faster and fresher than leading competitors and our sustainable approach to growing, delivering, and optimising value chains means less carbon, less waste, and higher profits.

The Greener Greens Co will become market leaders in quality, availability, freshness, and sustainability.