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The Suffolk Sheep Society

Founders of the original Flock book for Suffolk sheep in 1886, the Society protects the integrity of the Suffolk Sheep breed in the UK.

Our mission statement is :-

“To breed Suffolk sheep that offer a solution to sheep farmers, processors, wholesalers and retailers to achieve profitable outcomes, whatever their business aim”

The Membership of the organisation breed, according to the bye laws and the articles of association, pedigree Suffolk sheep, which we verify and enter the Flock book which is approved and run according to the EU Zootechnical regulations. We also promote the breed on our home territory to commercial sheep farmers by communicating and marketing the benefits of using Suffolk genetics and continue this activity through the rest of the supply chain.

We are the point of contact for the many enquiries around the world looking to bring all the versatility, that Suffolk Sheep can offer, being highly successful performers under many and varied climatic and management regimes to have a good and profitable outcome producing terminal and breeding sheep that suit the marketplace wherever the global location.

Involved with promotion of international trade in Suffolk Genetics