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Engineering and precision farming

Vertically Urban Ltd

Vertically Urban is a horticultural LED lighting specialist who design and manufacture products in the United Kingdom with the highest photon yielding LEDs available, and offer solutions for Vertical Farms and Glasshouses. To ensure quality, we work with a carefully selected portfolio of tier 1 electronic component suppliers – and as a result, deliver some of the most powerful grow lights on the market with leading efficacies to match!

Our R&D division are experts at designing luminaries and electronics and our mission is to deliver efficient lighting solutions that are easy to install and setup. We work hand in hand with our grower partners to deliver metrics that stand up to the requirement for either flexible tuneable solutions or to a specific recipe. We also deliver bespoke solutions to meet crop needs. 

We have a range of LED products to suit a variety of needs from leafy greens, micro greens, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers and other grows. We also offer solutions for medicinal cannabis growers as our spectrum driven solutions provide a perfect footprint into indoor growing requirements.

Vertically Urban – Lighting the Farms of the Future.