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Virifides Digital

Based on the concept of a Product Passport, we help businesses reduce costs and access new ways to increase value from their product and supply chain data. The product passport is a unique, immutable record for each pallet of fresh food, stored in the cloud, capturing commercial and supply chain data as the product moves from farm to shelf.

We currently offer four solutions, with our sustainability module under development:

VIRIPASS provides user-friendly access to all your passport data, viewed and analysed from an intuitive GUI web front.

The VIRIVIS module enables visibility from farm to shelf. Access to Track and Trace information, showing where the ship or lorry is which is transporting your pallet, plus any temperature exceptions.

VIRIDOM is our Digital Order Management solution. It simplifies and automates your ordering with your suppliers. It sits on top of your core transactional systems or ERP, which it integrates with via a standard API.

VIRICLEAR is integrated with UK government systems so that imports can be cleared quickly and cheaply. Taking validated data from the Product Passport, it uses UK government-approved workflow to clear goods almost instantaneously. We partner with a leading UK freight business, so we can also offer transport from UK ports to any UK location.

VIRIGREEN is under development. It will provide granular-level sustainability data at pallet level. Key Sustainability data will be captured at source (water, energy etc). For each leg of the journey, we will calculate carbon produced based on the mode of transport.