LATIN American Sheep Breeders Inward Mission to UK

Today is the first day of a week long inward mission to the UK by sheep farmers interested in genetically improving their flocks production by importing genetics from the UK

After 2 years of lock down the industry here is very excited to be able to show breeders from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Uruguay and Paraguay some of our best flocks, flocks that interest them include include British Texel, Charolais, Hampshire and Dorsets.

Breed improvement will be started initially by the importation of frozen embryos and semen from selected animals of known genetic merit.

Today they were given an oversight of our industry at our Agriculture Horticulture Development Board headquarters by some of their world leading experts, this will be followed by flock visits and a visit to the National Sheep Association show where they will have the opportunity to see many excellent breeds and be introduced to some of our best technology also being able to discuss with our industry leaders ways of working together for mutual benefit

This visit is brought about following promotional work carried out over the past 2 years via webinars and some limited visits by UKTAG regional consultants working with UK breed societies and our NSA, with a great deal of help from British Embassy staff in these countries dedicated agri tech

This weeks visit is supported by UK industry and the regions UK Embassies along with the UK DIT Agri Tech team based in London working together to facilitate this visit