VIV Asia 2023

Just a reminder that the UK government is offering companies assistance to attend  VIV Asia  8-10 March 2023 a featured event for UKTAG please look for VIV Asia on our webpage where you can find more details

Support is available for both visitors and exhibitors under the UK Trade Show Programme

To be eligible businesses must have a turnover between £250k and £5m to exhibit

Successful applicants will receive both general trade show education (via DIT Export Academy) and event-specific training (via, a dedicated Supplier) on how to make the most of trade shows, with some businesses also receiving a grant of up to £4,000 to contribute towards eligible exhibition costs.

Applications for funding must be made by 16 Dec 2022.

*Did you know that companies can now use the UK Tradeshow Programme ‘Eligibility Checker Tool’ to quickly check if they are eligible for support. 

Link to UK Tradeshow Programme homepage:

Please do hesitate to contact Chris Jackson for more information and help