Expoagro 2022

  • Expoagro is the largest open-air agri-industrial fair in Argentina and one of the most relevant on the continent. The event expects a massive attendance after a 2 years without agri events. 
  • Main sectors: Agricultural machinery and implements represent the 50% of the expositors; Supplyers and agri-tech represent over 30% of the total expositors; The last 20% is being covered by: banks and financial institutions, automotive, energetic companies between others. 
  • The 95% of the commercial meters are already sold. It is estimated that more than 500 companies will participate, and the provinces still need to define the SMEs that will summon their stands. Along the same lines, it is important to mention that there are more than 60 new companies.
  • The new edition of Expoagro will take place in a context where the total production of grains 2020/21 reached 123.1 million tons. In addition, for 2021/22 a new agricultural cycle will take place, which, despite going through a Niña year, it is estimated to produce 6% more, reaching 130.9 million tons.